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I am a niche contract trainer who’s sole aim is to increase your sales revenue and bottom line, i train your sales people

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Training Course

Our 2014 sales & service technician training courses:

Sales and Client Focussed Workshop (2 days)
Senior Sales Workshop (2 days)
The Psychology of Sales (2 Days)
Client engagement for non sales people (2 days)
Business Development stratergies for Architects, Engineers and Technical people (2 Days)
Improving Customer Service (2 days)
Creating and delivering Powerful and Influentual Presentations (2 day)
Strategic Client Alignment – Leadership and Teamwork Workshop (2 days)
Sales Leaderships Strategic (2 day)
Negotiator 101 Workshop – truely unique (2 day)
Lead Generation 101 Workshop – Social Media and Networking Fundamentals (1 day)
Sales Management Development Program (2 days or 4 days)
Optimising Business – Sales and Customer Focus (2 days)
Strategic Client Engagement Worksop (2 Days)
Key Account Management Workshop (2 Days)
Client Body Language for Sales – Influential Sales Workshop (2 Days)

* Each course will be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

The calendar is quickly filling for the first half of 2014.

Enquire today by contacting steve@yourmotto.com


Steve Tregenza is recognised as being one of the leading sales trainers. Through his sales training courses and other training solutions, he have been partnering many of leading businesses and increasing revenue and profit.

You need to know that when you spend money on sales training, your spend is an investment rather than a cost. Steve has outshone other trainers in terms of overall performance and adoption of best practice.

Steve has extensive experience and success in most industry sectors and sales channels through manufacturing, FMCG, Insurance & Finance, Telecommunications, Business Services and everything in between.

Contact Steve for a no-obligation chat to see if we might be able to add value to your business.


An Increase in Sales Dollar No Loss of Margin?
How do your sales team perceive their customers? If their idea of selling is about manipulation and winning at all costs then maybe it’s time to consider sales training that comes from research into what customers truly value from sales people…..?

What if your Service Technicians could Sell?
How much valuable revenue passes unrecognised through your customer service engagements? By combining our sales training, service technician sales training and customer service training capability, find out how Steve works with organisations to turn service interactions into sales opportunities….

Award Winning Trainer!
Throughout his long history, Steve has been continually recognised with numerous awards for our excellence in sales training, leadership development, our management courses and customer service training.

Mission, Vision & Values

Steve’s Mission

To assist organisations to achieve results by accelerating the professional development of their people.

Steve’s Vision

 - Organisations choose Steve as a performance improvement partner because he challenges their thinking and applies an approach that    achieves measurable results.
 - He has created a sustainable business by growing talented people who have fun achieving challenging goals.
 - He is well known and respected in our business community.
 - He is positive, proud and passionate about modeling that he recommends.
 - His clients consistently experience outstanding defining moments with him.

Steve’s Values

1. Integrity
2. Teamwork
3. Caring
4. Hard Work